Like most people, our first thought when it came to conference calls was to simply connect lots of business individuals so that they could have a conference on the phone.

But after we created Con-Flab and really started to think about it we began to realise just how useful a conference could be even when its not used for that single use. Below are 5 of our favourite uses for a conference call that we think that you’ve probably never thought of.

  1. The Birthday Conference
    Get the whole family on the phone at once and give a loved one a birthday phone experience. Imagine the experience having every member of your family singing you happy birthday all together down the phone. It’s not always practical or even possible to get together on a birthdays why not do the next best thing with a Birthday Conference.
  2. The Get Well Soon Conference
    We all know how prohibitive hospital visiting hours can be and then when you get there its impossible to get everyone round the bed at once. Well with a birthday conference call you can send your best wishes to sick friends and family at any time of the day and with as many people as possible. Make someone’s day and wish them all the best with a Get Well Soon Conference.
  3. The Easy Study Session Conference
    It’s not always easy to find a time and place that’s suitable for everyone. People have different responsibilities always fighting for first place in their lives and travelling to study sessions isn’t always practical. With a study conference there is no travelling involved. There’s no need to tidy the living room and play host, no need to fill up the car with petrol in order to get to the right place at the right time, all you need to do is pick up the phone and get to work.
  4. The Everyone Talk at Once Conference
    Have you ever been caught as the middle man in a three way conversation, constantly hanging up with one friend so that you can repeat what you said to another. Well why not get all of your friends on a single call and never have to repeat yourself. Forget Facebook, forget Twitter, a conference call is the best way to really network socially.
  5. The International Lecture Conference
    Why should lectures be limited by location? Why can’t anyone, anywhere in the world listen in on a lecture without ever having to leave their homes? Well with a lecture conference you can do just that? Con-Flab has a Listen-Only function which means that only people who have the right permissions can speak on the conference and everyone else has to listen. That’s the perfect Lecture environment and its convenient as well as no one needs to travel, they simply need a phone.

These are just a few of our favourite uses for conferences that are outside of the norm. We challenge you to start thinking of more creative ways to use a conference call. If you can think of something better then don’t be shy, let us know or better yet give it a go. Con-Flab is free to use therefore perfect for having a play with your unusual but practical conferences.