The World Cup is here and Liquid11 will be kicking off with a line-up of services that will help you transform into a winning team and get a result!

Data Sets

Don’t get caught offside…use quality data

Liquid11 will work with you to ensure that you are speaking to the right prospects for maximum campaign success. We can profile our marketing data by gender, age, location, homeowner status, income and much more.


Advanced Mobile Data Clean & TPS

Avoid penalties using clean, compliant data sets from Liquid11

Cleaning your data will save you time, money and ensure that you remain compliant. Accurate data is paramount to every campaign and we can identify whether each mobile number is live, connected and switched on. We check every number to ensure that it is not TPS registered helping you avoid hefty fines from the ICO.


Data Appends

Show bad data the red card

After cleaning and checking your data for accuracy, you will be left with many numbers that are either dead or that no longer belongs to your prospect. Liquid11 own one of the largest B2C mobile databases in the UK; let us run a ‘token’ append to see how many of your prospects we can provide a live number for!


SMS Traffic Herder

Make your team a winning team with our SMS & data services

Reach out to your prospects via text! Without doubt, one of the most powerful marketing mediums out there right now. Liquid11 can provide you with the platform to do this where you can upload your opted in lists, create campaigns, run campaign reports and track URL clicks to identify ‘hot’ prospects!


Sound good? Then don’t wait any longer and contact Liquid11’s Data Team by using any of the below options…