Choosing the right number for your business is more important than you may think. Phone numbers say a lot about you and choosing the wrong number can give people the wrong impression about your business.

We have never lived in a time where there have been so many options open to customers and businesses alike, so choosing the right number is very important.

The key to choosing the right number is twofold:

  1. Identify what you want your telephone number to say about you as a business
  2. Learn about  what the different number types will offer you and match the right number type with your business values 

084 Numbers

An 084 number can offer:

  • A national presence
  • The appearance of big business
  • Anonymity (in terms of location)

The kind of business that would benefit from an 084 numbers are businesses who want to identify themselves as businesses. Small businesses that want to appear larger, local businesses that wish to have a national presence or businesses that simply want the appearance of being a professional company can benefit from an 084 number.

Local Geographic Numbers

A local geographic number is a number that is specific to your location and is prefixed with your local area code. A local geographic number can offer:

  • A local presence for a business
  • An alternative local presence for your business
  • A level of trust in smaller communities
  • Calls to this number are included in a mobile contract’s inclusive minutes

The kind of business that would benefit from local and geographic numbers are businesses that work best in localised areas. Keeping a local presence in communities can make your business a part of local communities and is great for companies that want to be accepted by small areas. Sometimes customers trust local businesses more than larger businesses and a local number can help with that. They are also perfect for businesses who want to appear as though they are situated in a different place than where they actually are, effectively making your business a part of a different community.

Local Geographic numbers can be bought in bulk for people who want to maintain a local presence on a national level. For example, if you are a company that can cater for service on a national level, you may wish to appear to be a local company wherever you advertise your company. Setting up multiple Local Geographic numbers for all major towns in the UK that all redirect to your central offices will help achieve this.

0203 & 0207 Numbers

0203 and 0207 numbers are numbers local to the London area. 0203 and 0207 numbers can offer:

  • The appearance of being a London based company
  • The prestige of being based in the nation’s capital
  • Calls to these numbers are included in a mobile contract’s inclusive minutes

The kind of business that would benefit from an 0203 number is a business that wants their customers to feel that their company has a presence in London. There is a prestige of being seen to operate in the nation’s capital and an 0203 number can help you achieve that.

An 0207 number is much like an 0203 number but it is more highly sought after as it is used mainly by higher quality companies and can add an increased level of prestige to your company above what is offered by an 0203 number.

03 Numbers

An 03 number can offer:

  • A national presence
  • Anonymity (in terms of location)
  • Calls to this number are included in a mobile contract’s inclusive minutes

An o3 numbers are for businesses who wish to achieve similar goals as an 084 number. Whilst not as instantly recognisable as an 084 number, these numbers have the benefit of being included in a mobile contract’s inclusive minutes making them the better choice for customer service numbers.

0800 Numbers

An 0800 number can offer:

  • The appearance of being big business
  • The appearance of being a business who cares about their customers
  • Anonymity (in terms of location)

0800 Numbers are free to call from a UK landline and are therefore great for companies that want to show their customers how much they care about customer service. Be aware however, that an 0800 number is not free to call from a mobile phone, though this will change by the summer of 2015. These numbers are therefore best used in conjunction with an 03 number so that your customers have the option to call at the cheapest possible rate.

What to do next?

Now that you know what your number options are you can match up the right number (or range of numbers) to your business. The free features of SwitchboardFREE work with all of these number ranges.

For more information about these number ranges either go to ‘Number Types’  in the menu bar and select what number range you want or you can go to our ‘Comparisons‘ page to compare these number ranges.

Getting these numbers can be done online or you can call the SwitchbaordFREE support team on 0844 884 3010 and we can give you more information on what number range is right for you and even get you set up over the phone. Give us a call today and start reaping the benefits of having the right number for your business.