Christmas is coming so its that time of year to start planning long journeys to make your annual obligatory visits to distant relatives and almost forgotten friends.

However, maybe there is another easier, cheaper and far more preferable way to bring everyone together this year. Why not host a Christmas conference?


Christmas conference for work

Christmas has a habit of eating up your time whether that is through holidays, dealing with the stress of the usual Christmas mayhem or just simply by adding yet another set of jobs to your already bulging to-do list. Therefore, the last thing you want is to spend all of your much needed time travelling all around the country for meetings and usual business appointments.

This is where a conference can help. Setting up a conference either via Con-Flab is simple, quick and best of all its free. Not only that, it has the following benefits:

  • You’ll save money on fuel and other travel costs by staying at the office
  • You will be able to get more done with all the time that travelling would waste
  • Teams in different places can meet and get things organised without ever leaving the warmth and comfort of the office
  • You can invite from 1 – 1000 people into your conference (just try fitting that many people in your conference room)
  • You can set listen-only privileges to others in the conference meaning that you can talk and they can’t interrupt you – this is great for webinars, lectures and simply giving instructions to all the people in your team


Christmas conference for home

A conference isn’t the first thought that comes to mind when you think of speaking with family and friends, but why not?

It’s not always possible or convenient to see everyone you need to see at Christmas. Organise a Christmas conference and get everyone talking together in one place without the hassle of travelling.

  • Free up some more time for yourselves by staying at home this Christmas
  • Don’t let the bad weather that stopped you travelling keep you from talking with all of your family on Christmas day
  • Using the mobile app on Android and iPhone, set up or join into a Christmas conference from anywhere in the world!


Don’t let Christmas control stress you out this year. Use Con-Flab to maximise your time this Christmas and make the most out of the Holiday season.