Even before you’ve written all your Christmas cards, SwitchboardFREE can help you and your customers to get in the Holiday mood and put a smile on your callers faces.

Take a look at our ‘festive features’ to help you stay one step ahead of the competition this Christmas.

Update your on-hold music

Nothing gets you in the mood for Christmas more than well-known Christmas songs. Callers love a sing along. Be one of the first to update your on-hold music and choose from a selection of great Christmas songs.

Doing this is as simple as logging in to your SwitchboardFREE account, going to your number settings/configuration page and then selecting any of three Christmas music selections from the drop-down in the ‘Music on hold’ section.


Always let your customers reach you and use Mobile Redirects

With Unlimited Mobile Redirects you can ensure all your calls get through to you even when you aren’t at work over the Christmas holidays.

Route unlimited* calls through to your mobile phone over the Christmas period with just one easy monthly payment. There is no minimum contract and no risk of a  big bills. It’s just £9.97 for a month. So make use of this great feature this December.


Get organised like never before with our great mobile apps for iOS and Android

Switchboard has never been more ready to support your busy lifestyle than we are this year.

Manage your business calls easily even when you’re out  the office over the holidays:

  • Redirect your calls to a mobile or landline from your app
  • Listen to voice mails
  • See all of your missed calls and return those calls
  • Manage your recordings and out of hours messages
  • Keep your business running without being tethered to the office with our great mobile apps for android, iPhone or iPad.

Download the apps free today:

Download for iOS       Download for Android


Closing your SwitchboardFREE number & custom introduction

Take a moment to update your out of hours message for your calls.

Top tips on what to include in your message:

  •  Wish your customers season’s greetings
  • Let them know your opening time and when you’re back in the office
  • Invite them to leave a message if it’s important  (you can use the voice-mail to email feature to get all your messages without having to visit the office over the holidays) or use the app to access voice messages


Remember to close your numbers over the holidays so your callers are not kept on hold when your offices are closed. Update the opening times under your switchboard account or use the ‘quick close’ feature to shut your number down for Christmas. Remember to open them again on your return to work.

Just like your social media friends, your customers always want to know what’s going on so keep them informed and up to date.

There’s always a lot going on at Christmas, so don’t let your business be a casualty of the hectic holiday season. Follow the above tips for getting your business ready and enjoy the festivities this year.


*subject to fair use policy