Back in January of this year Liquid11 asked ‘who wants to be an IT apprentice?’ and advised you to ‘watch this space!’  Well, the space has been filled as it would seem that local dude Jake Clemmence wants to be an IT apprentice!

Liquid11, at the time, had many more questions too:

  • Could we do more to recruit?
  • Is our Suffolk location prohibitive to recruitment?
  • Is there a lack of awareness with regard to apprenticeships?
  • Is the IT world reluctant to join in?

Sadly, some of these questions will remain forever unanswered!

For now, we will look to the future and ask Jake himself to tell us more:

“The reason I applied for the apprenticeship was because I wanted to better my skills as an ICT technician, as I have been interested in this line of business for a considerable amount of time. Seeing as I am used to the computing world I thought what better way to be prepared for any future jobs than to actually learn in a working environment. 

“The things I’ve enjoyed most about the apprenticeship so far would have to be the experience of everything, learning new parts that I would have never thought about, and also working in such a lovely environment, meeting new people and having the guidance that I would never normally receive. 

“I hope to gain extensive knowledge on ICT and how it operates and is implemented into a business. I also hope to gain a sense of achievement with my grades as well as a full time job at the end (if I’m good enough) haha!”

From Liquid11’s point of view, although Jake has only been with us for a short time, he has already made a valuable contribution to the company and we have learnt from him too.  We look forward to the rest of the apprenticeship and being entertained, not just by Jake’s ICT talents but by his magic tricks too!