Liquid11 are experiencing difficulty in recruiting an IT apprentice for our lively and innovative tech department.  Despite advertising, using social media and working in partnership with an apprentice academy there is a distinct lack of applicants for the post.

Could we be doing more to recruit? Is our Suffolk location prohibitive to recruitment? Are we just fighting a general lack of apprenticeship awareness?

  • We are exploring new ideas to recruit and will do what we can to combat recruitment apathy.
  • Liquid11 have considered re-locating our technical department to Norwich in order to make use of improved infrastructure and access to IT companies, academies and colleges.
  • There is currently a national drive towards apprenticeships and Liquid11 have been keen to get involved.  We have advertised posts for our contact centre and property development departments – with great success.

So is it just the IT world that is reluctant to join in?  Our minimal CV applicants have so far seemed generalistic rather than specifically geared up toward the IT industry – even with ‘geared up’ meaning, in this instance, an interest in IT as a hobby or part-time job.

Our final question remains: are we asking too much from an IT apprentice?  We think not.  Liquid11 is a stable company offering an apprentice the opportunity to learn learn learn; to obtain skills and expertise from our innovative and experienced techies;  to explore, develop and implement ideas; to achieve an actual qualification; to gain a full-time position at the end of the apprenticeship and… best of all… get paid!

An apprenticeship is a genuine career opportunity that we are committed to providing and so we will continue with our recruitment endeavours!  Watch this space…