The governments help to buy scheme appears to be gaining traction and has ushered in a fresh resurgence in the housing market. As you may have noticed, this scheme is already a subject of heated debate as are most of the ideas conceived within the governmental think tank.

There are of course the usual naysayers and scaremongers warning of an impending housing bubble burst and expressing their usual concerns, but if this ultimately gets first time buyers on the housing ladder then this scheme can only be a good thing surely.

With this impending upsurge in the housing market, it’s prudent to forecast and prepare for the possible knock on business effects this might have in the market, especially as we have already seen trends change in the requests we received within this sector.

In response to these requests and in anticipation of more we have developed a new data tool specifically for estate agents called the Seller Append Service.

The Seller append Service is designed to increase Estate agents contact rates with prospective clients and give agencies a competitive edge.

If an agency has a list of properties that are currently for sale in their region, we can match the address against a large database and return a name and a contact number enabling sales agents to make contact with the homeowner right away.

Having a full name gives agencies a much warmer lead and a mobile phone number gives a better chance of a conversation. We then mark the original list with records that we can affect so agencies would be able to see where they have a match before committing to purchasing any data.

Being part a small and dynamic team such as liquid11 enables us to react to market changes and trends in a relatively short space of time and offer new and real solutions to the companies we deal with.

If you would like to know more about the Seller append Service or how we can help your business then, please call us on 0844 884 3000 or email us at