In an effort to ensure that our offices are always an inspiring and hopefully exciting place to be the Liquid11 meeting room got a face lift today.

The changes to the meeting rooms are just the latest in a range of large format customisations to the Liquid11 Office.


Custom Table

The custom meeting room table was designed by Paul with the aim to make the most of the space that was available to us. That frame of that desk was then custom created and finally powder coated before it was ready for the new table top to be added. The table top was created by our friends at Lowestoft Boat Building College. They cut and sanded our desk for us to the correct dimensions and then they quite expertly navigated our staircase in order to get the desk in the office.

With the desk finished the liquid11 meeting room has finally become a comfortable place to hold our various meetings.


Custom Mural

Patrick is back and this time he is cast in marble and holding one of our patented Liquid11 energy balls.

This mural was designed by Gareth in an effort to find away to bring the meeting room to life. We feel that the 3D effect helps to make the room feel bigger whilst also providing something more interesting to look at than just a blank wall.


White Board Wall

The end wall is painted entirely in special whiteboard paint meaning that the entire wall is one giant whiteboard and can be drawn on and wiped of with no effort at all. We have found this to be the perfect tool to take notes, hash out ideas or simply play ‘naughts and crosses’ when we’re waiting for a meeting to begin.


Projector and Screen

Above the whiteboard we have a pull down projector screen. The projector is connected to Apple TV which is great for our app development meetings. We can sync our iphones/ipads to the projector wirelessly and run through our latest changes and amendments on the apps.

It is also a great tool for presentations of our websites or if the mood takes us maybe an after work screening of our favourite movies.