Not all numbers are created equal.

No, this isn’t a theoretical maths problem and neither is it some philosophical belief system. When it comes to phone numbers, some numbers are better than others and when they’re for your business, it is a good idea to show favourites and pick the best.

Your phone number could be a random set of six digits following a set prefix or you could chose a number that is easy to remember and will make your business stand out from the crowd. A number ending 573481 isn’t going to be as easy to remember as 121212, and from what we have found an easy to remember number is better for business for the following reasons:

Easy to remember = Use more often

If people can remember your number instantly and easily then your are going to get more business. This is especially true for businesses that rely on repeat customers but aren’t necessarily a business that you will use every day; for example, a taxi firm.

The average person won’t need to use a taxi firm day in day out so every time they need to use one they are going to have to look for a number somewhere. However, if your taxi company has a memorable number, e.g. (local area code) 12 12 12, then that is going to stick in people’s minds. Potential customers always take the path of least resistance and the numbers 12 12 12 are an easy combination to remember and will save them having to go searching for a taxi company.

A memorable number will make it more likely that customers will ring you before even thinking to look around at your competitors.

Easy to remember = More professional company

Just as an 084 number can make your company seem more professional, a memorable number can make your company seem like the best of the best. Most companies who make use of memorable numbers are the giant companies with the kind of budget to advertise on television. SwitchboardFREE makes those numbers available for a fraction of the cost that those people pay giving you the prestige of having a memorable number but without the overhead.

If you are using a local geographic number for your business then a memorable number will make you stand out as a business rather than looking as though you have a standard BT supplied number. This will give you the best of both worlds, a professional look and feel whilst remaining local.

Easy to remember = Less work

People think that mobile phones have spelled the end of having to remember numbers. You can simply put them into your phone book and your phone does all the work, right?

This may be true for friends and family but it’s not necessarily true for businesses. Not many people think to record business numbers. They keep their phone books clear for friends, family and acquaintances and they look up business numbers when and where they need them. Here again, a memorable number is preferable to a random set of digits.

If your customers don’t have to seek out your number every time they plan to call your because they remember it, then they are more likely to think of you first every time they want to make use of your business/service again.

Get your memorable number today

Getting a memorable number is simple. Log into your SwitchboardFREE account, click on the ‘Upgrades’ menu option and then click on ‘Memorable Numbers’. You will be taken through to a page with more information as well as the option to choose and purchase your Memorable Number.

Alternatively you can give our support team a call on 0844 884 3010 and we can give you more information and get you set up with a Memorable Number today.