With significant changes planned at the end of this year around data management and data use that could affect outbound call centres, it has never been more important to maximise your call centre activity to quickly and cost effectively build your customer base.

The introduction of the draft EU Data Protection Regulation into EU law is likely have a significant and some say negative impact on our industry at the end of 2014, To read more about the plans  read the DMA’s round up of the new proposals: Click here for a full view of what the latest developments mean for our industry.

What are the 3 biggest problems call centres currently face?

  1. Uneconomical data sets

    Problem: Data costs can be too high to work commercially! It’s important to use cost effective data that delivers a consistent return on your investment.

    Through a process of continual refinement, Liquid11 offers consistent and reliable data that’s cost effective and offers a high return on investment.

  2. Data consistency is up and down

    Problem: Inconsistent data supply can not only affect your bottom line, but as any good call centre manager knows a sales team’s motivation is affected by unresponsive calls and poor sales and perpetuates a feeling of negativity. It’s important to have a consistent, sustainable and reliable data supply to ensure your call centre performs at its peak.

     Each data set that Liquid11 provides is cleaned and profiled right up to the day of sale to you. Our data is not resold for the same purpose within an agreed window.  Each order you receive is as good as the last – guaranteed. We don’t cut corners with our data.

  3. Poor connectivity means fewer opportunities

    Problem: Talking to your prospects is fundamental. They must answer the phone to you for you to sell.

    Solution: Use our guaranteed live, clean and switched on mobile data sets.

    With over 72% of all landline numbers on the TPS, every active call centre is calling the remaining 28% of households. These people are sick of cold calls and respond negatively.

    Only 2% of mobile numbers are registered with the TPS, meaning there are a huge number of fresh prospects available via their mobile phones, these people are NOT receiving constant sales calls and as a result are more responsive.  Stop wasting money on calling landline data and switch to a high yield mobile data set.

How can we help you switch to a better data set?

We only sell mobile data that’s guaranteed clean live and switched on. Our data offers a 70% increase in connectivity when compared to a typical landline data set. There is no excuse for not trying mobile data in 2014. It just works. 

Liquid11 are a trusted and professional UK data supplier and we would like you to try our data. We select data on a bespoke basis to ensure we maximise your returns.

Call our Data Team now on 0844 884 3018 or e-mail us at sales@liquid11.co.uk to see how we can help you get the most out of your call centre in 2014!