Being only a code hobbyist with the mainstay of my interest in Visual Basic, I often find myself with a logical want to solve many of my own programming issues, but I frustratingly seem to lack the knowledge and experience to do so. Whilst trying my best not to continually pester the hard-core programmers in my office for assistance, I found myself defaulting to the all too common Google search and forum trawling.

In my vain hope to magically stumble upon a resolution to my JavaScript issue and amidst my semi-glazed over page hopping I stumbled upon a rather intriguing website; This rather plain looking website had just a heading, a blank text box and an invite to try a taster of JavaScript for myself on the very front page.

My natural curiosity took over and I dived in and started to follow the simple instructions. The first task was as simple as typing the world “alert” then my own name in parenthesis, followed by a semi colon and Voilà! A little box emerges in front of me stating “Hi Matt”. This achievement is not that amazing I know but to the uninitiated this is just the first step and everyone knows that all journeys begin with the first step.

From this innocent introduction the interactive training page guides you systematically and patiently through functions, loops, objects and everything you need to get you programming. The modules are interesting, well-presented and are challenging enough to hold your interest but they’re not too difficult that you give up after a few attempts and slope off to the pub.

The websites educational library covers all the big hitters of the coding world from HTML and jQuery to Python and PHP and is also completely free with no obvious request for cash or hideous adverts. Instead, Codecademy are financially backed by groups and individual including more notably Richard Branson.
Codecademy appears to be education for educations sake and that fact coupled with a zero price tag and user-friendly and intuitive interface it finds its way on to my very elite “Matts’ awesome website list” and have recommend this to any like-minded person I meet. I also have my 15 year old working his way through the modules at home too.

Add this to your awesome website list today and if you have any of your own I’d love to hear about them.

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