For the last few weeks the development and design team have been working hard to create a new SwitchboardFREE app to be launched early in 2015.


What prompted us to want to change the App?

Since the release of iOS7, we have been thinking that it might be time to make some amendments to our iOS app. That release of iOS brought with it a lot of changes that we spent the first part of 2014 adapting our app to. Eventually we decided that what we really needed was a rewrite so we added it to the to do list. Rather than redesign the app for iOS 7, we decided to start working on an app for iOS8.

This gave us an opportunity to start working on the feedback we had been receiving on our app over the years. We have been able to address features like improved navigation, a simpler configuration page, easier changing of redirect numbers, and easier custom prompts, sample prompt scripts as well as the choice of voices that are available on the site. These changes and many more had been on our wish list and we’ve finally had the chance to implement them.

Finally, with the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, we now have a number of different screen sizes for iPhones and we wanted our app to look good and work well on all of them.


What considerations did we take before starting to design the app?

We needed to make sure our app looked like it belonged to the iOS7+ ecosystem. This meant changing from the old skeuomorphic designs favoured by older versions of iOS to the brighter and friendlier flat designs of the new look iOS.

One of the key elements we wanted to consider before getting down and designing the app is to make sure that our customers don’t constantly have to keep jumping from page to page, option to option, in order to find what they need. If possible we wanted to ensure that none of our users ever become ‘lost’.

Finally we wanted to close the divide between iPhone and iPad. There will never be a one design fits all as it would be almost impossible to make work, but where possible we want to make sure that if our customers have got used to one version of the app, visiting the app from another device will still feel familiar.


What do we hope the app will achieve for our customers?

Our primary aim with this app is to make it much more pleasant for our customers to use. We want the time it takes to learn your way around the app to be much quicker and therefore make it much easier to use.

This advanced experience is going to make it easier than ever for our customers to be fully in control of their telephony experience and therefore never miss a call again.