Today SMS Traffic Herder went live for the first time and to celebrate we launched with a competition for an iPad Mini. All people who try the demo before Christmas will be entered into our competition and will have the chance to win a brand new iPad Mini. 


So what is SMS Traffic Herding?

SMS Traffic Herding enables you to drive prospects to your web-page via direct SMS marketing. With around 83% of mobile phones now being smartphones, it’s never been easier to interact with your customers and prospects online via their mobile devices.

SMS marketing has an open and read rate of over 95% compared to an open and read rate of less than 3% for E-mail Marketing. SMS Marketing is probably the most effective marketing medium available today. By adding a unique link to each individual SMS message you can take advantage of the high read rate and transfer the customer to your web-page from the SMS. Using our tracking tool we can report on individual visitors. As well as reporting the success of each send and click through we also report back on the handset type. This helps to build profiled data sets for future use and reduce future sending costs.


Advanced features include:

  •  Direct SMS Marketing delivers results due to high read rates
  •  Track each individuals journey to your website
  •  Report and compare individual data-sets and message wording
  •  Report on performance including click through rates


OPTIONAL API for web-form pre-population
Website owners can pre-populate forms on their webpages with customer details. This can increase conversion rates for services or sign ups by as much as 40%.

The landing page recognises the unique link within the SMS and uses it to automatically look up information on that particular visitor via the API to obtain the original mobile number used for the send. This number can then be used to look up the visitors personal details such as name and address using the original customer database and pre-populate a web-form. This can all be done in the background with no noticeable delay for the visitor.

Powerful back office tools allow you to easily send bulk SMS and make sense of the results



  • Upload your data to our back office and send SMS fast
  • Personalise individual messages with names and individual tracking links or other information you hold



  • Report back on delivered messages and click through
  • Identify users that clicked on the link
  • Database handset type


How can you get started (setting up a basic campaign)?

Give Kelly a ring on 0845 884 3005 or e-mail

You can also demo the service yourself free of charge at and try to win that iPad!