I’m Steve, one of Liquid 11’s technical team. My current focus is on mobile app development. Last year we released iPhone and iPad apps for our conferencing platform CON-FLAB, which was followed by a brand new app for SwitchboardFREE. Both of these apps met with great success, reaching the top 10 in the business download chart and featuring in Apple’s ‘What’s Hot’ selection for several weeks.

We are hoping to repeat this success on Android. We are hard at work on this new version of our SwitchboardFREE app, and hope to have the first version for release soon. This initial version won’t have all of the functionality of the iPhone and iPad apps, but we will be listening to feedback and adding extra features through regular updates.

So what will you be able to do with the app? You’ll be able to see all of your missed calls for upto the past week, download and play your voicemails, view any faxes sent to your fax-to-email number, record custom prompts for your numbers in standard configuration, open and close any of your numbers with the flick of a (virtual) switch, change your redirects, add contacts directly from within the app, receive notifications of missed calls and voicemails to your phone even when the app is closed, and much more.

If you’ve got any suggestions for our apps then we’d love to hear them. All of our apps are in active development and we are always interested in what you’d all like to see, so feel free to email me at steve@liquid11.co.uk.