The iPhone and iPad apps for SwitchboardFREE have been available to download for free from the App Store for a couple of years now and the development team have been working hard to get those apps to be the best apps they can possibly be.

In those few years however the use of the Android apps market has risen considerably and we were getting more and more requests for an Android app for our customers who do not own an apple device. Steve, our app developer, has heard the call of the SwitchboardFREE users and has answered their request with Liquid11’s first android app.

The SwitchboardFREE app went live via Google Play yesterday and has so far been well received by our customers who have downloaded it and given us some feedback. Those who downloaded it find themselves with a streamlined version of the iOS apps that has all of the necessary and most important features to keep on top of your call management while out on the move. This includes quickly seeing an overview of your total calls, missed calls, voice-mails and faxes received. Android users can now listen to their voice-mails, view their faxes, reconfigure the redirects for their SwitchboardFREE number as well as recording custom recordings all without going anywhere near a computer.

Now that version 1.0 of the android app has been released our development team is already working on making yet more improvements on both the Android and the iOS apps for the near future.

So if you have been waiting for the android app or your simply curious about SwitchboardFREE, search for SwitchboardFREE on Google Play via your phone or click here and downlaod the app today.

It’s completely free and available now.