Today marks the launch of Liquid11’s latest product, Veridial. 

Thanks to our dealings in the data industry we understand how important it is to ensure that your data is always accurate and up to date. Veridial is our solution to ensure that all of the numbers entered into your form are accurate at the time of entry. More than this by using Veridial we can make sure that the person filling in that form actually owns the number that they are entering.

We do this by calling the person filling in your web form on the number that they entered. We play them a four digit pin that they will then enter into your site. If the pin is correct then they can continue with the process of entering their data on your website, if it is incorrect then they either have to re-enter a valid number or they can’t go any further with the process.

It sound’s simple right? That’s because the best idea often are.

You can demo the Veridial system by going to where you will find the website designed by Seb.