You may remember reading about our iPad, iMac and High Street Voucher offer a couple of weeks back. As expected we got a great response to this offer though we suspect that a few people held back as it felt too good to be true.

We never joke when it comes to giving our customers value though and as of this date we have sent out 28 iPads and £8,200 worth of high street vouchers to all of our customers, new and old, who were wise enough to take advantage of our amazing deal.

For those of you who may be kicking yourselves about not taking advantage of this deal, here are the details of the how you could have had benefited from this deal as well.

Spend £1,500 + – choose from £200 worth of high street vouchers OR an iPad Air

Spend £2,500 + – choose from £500 worth of high street vouchers OR 2 x iPad Airs

Spend £5,000 + – choose from £1,000 worth of high street vouchers OR 3 x iPad Airs

Spend £10,000 + – choose from £1,500 worth of high street vouchers OR an Apple Mac  & an iPad Air

Sadly though this amazing offer has ended now so we hope the next time we can convince our management team to arrange such a great offer, you can take advantage of it. Next time an offer comes up don’t hesitate, just get in there quick and take advantage.

However,  whilst this offer is finished there is still a ray of sunshine to brighten your day. You may no longer be able to get a free iPad but you and your business can still benefit from the best mobile data in Britain at incredible prices with a market leading contact rate. To find out how we can help your business give Kelly a call on 0844 884 3018. Not only will she be able to get you an amazing deal on the best data you’ll ever buy but also she can add you to her contact list in order to keep you informed should we ever decided to run another amazing offer in the future.

Don’t miss out yet again, give Kelly a call today.